Benjamin Millepied steps down as Paris Opera Ballet director of dance

French ballet choreographer Benjamin Millepied, who is known around the world as Natalie Portman’s husband and the choreographer on the film Black Swan, is stepping down from his position as Paris Opera Ballet director of dance.

Millepied, 38, broke the news in an interview with The New York Times on Thursday. He said that he said he hopes to focus on a contemporary dance ensemble he founded a few years ago and is thinking about moving back to Los Angeles. Portman and Millepied moved to Paris in 2014.

The former New York City Ballet dancer only had the role at the Paris Opera Ballet for little over a year. He made it well known that he was not happy with the company’s rigid system and said that he wanted the company to be more racially diverse. He even once told the French media that he still hadn’t seen the best from the company, which is traditionally considered the best in the world.

Reuters reports that Millepied will be replaced by retired ballerina Aurelie Dupont.

“I salute the choice of Aurelie Dupont. I was much honored (being ballet director) but what's important to me is to create, to be inspired by the dancers, and today this job, as it exists, is not made for me,” Millepied said during a press conference.

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