Travel blogger Alex Simon got a private plane to himself (Video)

A video of Alex Simon having his own private plane has been making the rounds on social media. It shows his antics on the plane after no one else booked a ticket on the flight he took to Boracay.

Simon, who is a travel blogger from Australia with his own YouTube channel, told MailOnline when he went to the airport to take the Philippine Airlines flight, he heard his name over the speaker to come to the information desk.

It was there he learned the plane would be departing within thirty minutes since he was the only one who booked the trip from Manila. Simon made his trip exciting by taking photos with the flight attendant and also video taping himself with the pilots in the cockpit.

He said the trip to the island was “an unforgettable feeling,” but that it was made even “more special” to take the trip alone. Usually, the flight from Manila and Boracay is said to be packed with travelers.

While the video was posted a year ago, it has gotten plenty of attention from social media in the past few days.

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