Top 10 moments from 'Criminal Minds:' 'Entropy'

Attention Spencer Reid fans! Our boy was back on last night’s Criminal Minds and he played a key role in helping to take down the hitmen who were after the Dirty Dozen, aka Penelope Garcia. On a “date” set up through e-mails in which he pretended to be a man who wanted to have his pregnant wife killed, Reid met with Cat Adams, a hitwoman who would kill the men who came to her for her services.

As the team watches while backing Reid up, he plays a game of cat-and-mouse with Cat, who manages to get Reid to open up about personal things that have been happening in his life. While trying to maintain control over the situation, Reid does what he can to make sure that they can bring down the network once and for all.

This was an amazing episode of Criminal Minds that brought back our beloved Reid, who also had a tender moment with his co-worker and best friend, Derek Morgan. There was so much to love about this episode it is hard to list just ten moments that really made this case. Catch up on what happened on our top ten moments for “Entropy.”

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Elizabeth Learned

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