'Thor: Ragnarok' will be a road trip across the universe, Mark Ruffalo says

Thor and The Incredible Hulk will be going on a journey across the stars in 2017.

In a new interview with Empire, Mark Ruffalo described the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok as something of a road-trip film with Hulk and Thor teaming up.

“It is a universal road movie – that’s where we’re heading,” he said. “It’s not where you'd think it will be, so it’s not your classic road movie but it has that structure, I think."

Ruffalo also compared the film to the 1988 thriller Midnight Run, starring Charles Grodin and Robert De Niro. That quote about not heading where you'd think though, should certainly give comic book fans a lot to chew on. The Hulk actor did specify he hasn't read the full Ragnarok script yet, but he said he has been having conversations with Marvel about the direction of the story.

Seeing the dynamic between Hulk and Thor developed further should be a lot of fun. The two had a bit of a running joke going on in the first Avengers film that culminated in an end-of-battle punch, and Ruffalo says part of the reason he and Chris Hemsworth have been paired together is that they get along so well off camera.

This will be the first audiences see of the Hulk since his disappearance at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron. The character is not expected to appear in Captain America: Civil War, even though practically everyone else is dropping in. And if you were hoping for a standalone Hulk movie, Ragnarok is likely the closest you'll ever get, as Ruffalo has previously stated that the prospects of a Hulk film don't look promising.

Thor: Ragnarok opens on Nov. 3.

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