Ben & Jerry's co-creator Ben Cohen makes Bernie Sanders ice cream called Bernie's Yearning

Co-creator of Ben & Jerry’s, Ben Cohen, is showing his support for presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders by making an ice cream in honor of him.

Cohen put a lot of thought into “Bernie’s Yearning,” which has a chocolate shell over mint ice cream. However, it won't be distributed in any stores.

The chocolate part of the ice cream represents the “huge majority of economic gains that have gone to the top 1 percent since the end of the recession” and the mint part is meant to present “the rest of us.”

According to People, Cohen went one step further in his thought process, making the ice cream with the intent of melting the chocolate layer and mixing it up with the rest of the ice cream in order to eat it all together.

Cohen only made 40 pints in his own home; 25 of which will be donated to Sanders' campaign. The remaining pints will be sent to random supporters who sign up to support Sanders.

Instead of sporting the Ben & Jerry’s logo it has a “Ben’s Best” logo.


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