Bauli's ready-to-eat flavor-filled croissants are fluffy and delicious


Valentine’s Day is coming up next month and what better way to celebrate than with a delicious Bauli croissant filled with your favorite flavors?

Bauli has come out with three delicious croissants for the holiday and they come in three flavors, including vanilla custard, cherry and chocolate.

Packaged in a light purple and white wrapper, the croissants are soft, moist and great to eat as a snack or in the morning with some coffee.

The first one that we tried was the chocolate one. The blend of flavors was perfectly smooth and the chocolate didn’t overpower the taste of the buttery croissant in any way. After this one, we took a look at the vanilla custard and it was equally delicious. Our comments regarding these flavors also extend to the cherry flavor.

What we liked about the flavors was that they had an equal amount of sweetness without one overpowering the other.

The company began in Verona, Italy with Ruggero Bauli, and his small beginnings as a baker eventually grew. Eventually, along with his wife and three children, they continued the tradition of baking and growing their dessert business.

In the 1990s, the company began creating their own Italian-style croissant that boasted it was “ready-to-eat,” according to the Bauli website. The website stated the croissants are made with natural yeast and go through 18 hours of what is known as natural leavening, which gives them their softness and flavor.

Today, they have expanded to over 70 countries among five continents and 50 percent of their production goes to these croissants.

Check out their website and get your own chocolate, vanilla, or chocolate croissant to share with your special someone no matter what time of day or year it is.

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