Sarah Palin plays Tina Fey in the ‘30 Rock’ parody you never wanted (Video)

Apparently, it’s still 2008 and Sarah Palin still can't forget about Tina Fey's parodies of her. The former Alaska governor and Vice Presidential candidate starred in a parody of 30 Rock in a long delayed dig at Fey, who famously played Palin on Saturday Night Live.

The sketch was done for the Independent Journal, the conservative site that also gave us the bizarre video of South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham destroying his phone. Speaking of Graham, he also pops up in the 30 Rock parody, along with Arizona Sen. John McCain.

Somehow, the Independent Journal actually got a real member of the 30 Rock team to star in it. Kevin Brown, who played Dot Com, also stars in the one-minute video.

Here’s the video:

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