'Once Upon a Time:' What’s up with Dark Swan, Merlin, and Excalibur?

Who’s ready for tonight’s two hour special of Once Upon a Time?

So much has occurred in the last few weeks. The story line appears to be progressing a little faster than it first seemed it would. Throughout the last three episodes, Emma’s struggle against accepting the darkness within her has become more difficult and complicated, and it has become more and more obvious that Arthur possesses quite a bit of fault in the matter.

The writers also seem to be pulling from every direction in their development of Merlin. The mystic of Celtic origin is apparently bestowed with God’s blessing after drinking from the Holy Grail. Yet, entwining his plot line with that of Prometheus and the Olympian flame he procured for humankind brings to light (pun intended) the similarities of his legend with Greek mythology. All this and a glimpse at his romance with Nimue (who in this universe is not a nymph nor a Lady of the Lake), make for an interesting Merlin-centric episode.

Since I wasn’t able to present a review of Dreamcatcher or The Bear and the Bow, I’ll do so quickly before completely delving into Nimue.

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