Holiday gift ideas for the person who has everything

As one of those people who is less than easy to shop for, I am offering some ideas for you to give people like me. The ones who never have any ideas, or who's ideas seem odd. Because, quite honestly, I don't need a new sweater or pajamas. But there's always something new, funky or different that I will get a total kick out of.

Over the years I have gotten some gifts that I thoroughly loved and never thought of getting myself, like a Pizzelle maker and a custom tin of loose tea, like this from Design a Tea.


The trick is to buy something you know the person will use, but won't necessarily buy themselves. This is where the truly gifted gift-givers always succeed, but for us mere mortals, even the thought of shopping for that person gives us hives.

Check out some of the items I have or plan to buy this holiday season, or simply got a genuine kick out of:


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