Denise Richards knew Charlie Sheen was HIV-positive (report)

Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife already knew what his big announcement was going to be.

According to People, Denise Richards knew that Sheen was HIV-positive before reports took over the internet on Nov. 16.

“She’s known Charlie was HIV-positive for a number of years,” a source told People. “He was infected after they divorced, and they haven't been intimate since.”

Sheen and Richards were married from 2002 to 2006, and have two daughters together; Sam, 11, and Lola, 9.

"Neither she nor their daughters are HIV-positive,” the source adds.

Sheen confirmed that he is HIV-positive on the Today Show on Nov. 17. The National Enquirer first claimed the former Two and a Half Men actor is taking medicine to fight this disease, and the “outlook is positive.”

While Sheen did not give Richards the disease, there are reports that he has given it to other women he has slept with and admitted to spending a lot of money to cover it up. Sheen is a notorious partier and made headlines for drug use in 2011.

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