Top 10 lip-smacking specialty pizzas for National Pizza Month

October is National Pizza Month. How are you celebrating? Perhaps you’re sampling new pizza parlors or maybe you’re trying some new flavors at your favorite pizza joint. But what do you do if you’re low on funds? Many of your favorite flavors can be created in your own kitchen for a fraction of the price. You can also construct flavors that your local pizza place wouldn’t even dream of trying, but that your family might love.

We’ve searched the internet for the tastiest looking home recipes for specialty pizzas. Our list starts with the more daring flavors and then focuses in on more popular gourmet recipes. You know your family best. Have brave are they in trying new foods? No matter what your family’s level of adventure, you’re sure to find something in our list that they’ll love. Break out of your pizza night routine and try something new.

Here’s the top 10 lip-smacking specialty pizzas for National Pizza Month.

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Jesse Cook

Jesse Cook is a writer living in the Southern Tier of New York state. She loves food, books, and dark fantasy in all mediums.

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