Top 10 Charities For Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving and if you are in the charitable spirit, here is a Top 10 list of some prominent charities to donate to during the holidays:

American Cancer Society: Raises funds for cancer treatment and research.

American Red Cross: A humanitarian and relief organization dedicated to providing care to distressed areas in the United States.

Catholic Charities USA: For the social service agencies supported by the Catholic Church.

Doctors without Borders: An international medical mission organization that sends doctors to war zones in desperate need of emergency care.

Operation Smile: Donate funds for reconstructive surgery for children in the developing world. Celebrity Spokesperson is John Stamos.

PAWS: Pets heal people suffering from illness. Keep them together.

Project Cuddle: A California charity that provides pregnancy and adoption services for distressed women. Founded to prevent infant abandonment.

Salvation Army: A Christian mission that has been active with the poor for over a century.

United Way: A major social service agency that offers a variety of assistance to people throughout the United States.

World Wildlife Fund: Support efforts to prevent species from extinction and protect the rainforest.

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