Top 10 addicting Facebook games

Facebook has become more than just a way to communicate with friends and family. It allows users to connect with friends by playing games together without even being in the same room. Facebook games have been known to become extremely addicting. Here are some of the Facebook games that you’ll have a hard time turning off once you start.

10. SongPop is one of the many games that are available both on mobile devices as an app and on Facebook. In this new addicting game, users can challenge their friends to a music duel. Choose between a variety of music genres and see who can guess the song’s title or artist the fastest.

9. Words With Friends started out as a popular iPhone and Android game and later became one of the top rated addicting games on Facebook. Connect with your friends to play a virtual game of scrabble. Build the most interesting words to gain the highest points to see who is the Words master.

8. Based on the original city-building computer game, SimCity, the SimCity Facebook app allows users to create and maintain their own cities. Watch your city come to live as you choose resources, friends and rivals. This game is also interactive as you can pair up with friends to make their cities your neighbors.

7. The Sims Social allows users to create their own Sim character without buying the old Sims computer game. Help your character come to live as you build their personalities, develop relationships and build houses and families. The Sims Social allows for Facebook friends to become Sim friends for free. Connect your Sims with your friends’ to create an online universe you’ll never want to leave.

6. Love the casino, but hate losing all that money? Play Facebook’s DoubleDown Casino game. This game is the largest virtual casino online and you can even take this game on the go with your mobile device. While casino games can become very addicting, DoubleDown winnings can be used anywhere within the casino game, and you won’t end up losing all of your money. Facebook users get daily free chips just for playing.

5. This long time popular game has found it’s way to Facebook. Bejewled Blitz put’s an interesting twist on the classic Bejewled game. Match and detonate as many gems as you can within 60 seconds. Match three or more and gain special detonating prizes. Facebook has added special gems in the Blitz version that have interesting abilities. Compete with friends to see who can get the highest Bejewled Blitz score on the weekly leader board.

4. Marvel: Avengers Alliance puts you in control of the Avengers, Spider-Man, the X-Men and S.H.I.E.L.D. When a mysterious force has landed on earth, you must harness the potential of this new dangerous power before Dr. Doom and other evil villains do first. This addicting game will make you think you’re inside a real video game as you battle through levels to complete missions.

3. UNO has always been a popular child’s pastime card game. This fun and addictive game is available to play on Facebook against your friends. Games are fast paced and follow traditional UNO rules. You won’t want to stop playing until you’re the first one to call UNO!

2. ChefVille is similar to the Sims and CityVille in that users can create their own virtual worlds. This world of food lets users create delicious recipes and master the art of cooking while competing against friends’ scores.

1.The addicting mobile game Angry Birds has made it’s way to Facebook! Angry Birds Friends is similar to the mobile app but it has special power ups to give your sling shot an extra edge of power. Collect different destructions feathers from each level and keep your score higher than your friends.

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