'Once Upon a Time' 5x03 Review: 'Siege Perilous'

This episode opens with Emma procuring Happy’s axe.



The dwarves proceed to the Sheriff’s station where Regina has just revealed to David and Mary Margaret that she found a bookmark she left in a book from Camelot. The bookmarked page was about the crimson crown. Although the dwarves are right in their claim of violation, the Charmings have little time for such complaints.

Just as David is coming down from an emasculated panic attack, Arthur shows up to report another theft. His religious artifacts have been rummaged through, and several are missing, including a magical bean. Well, there wasn’t actually a magic bean, but Arthur wants them to think there was.

As part of their search for the thief, they pay Belle a visit. During this visit, Belle tells them that she’s working on a healing spell for Gold, but that there’s a key ingredient missing. She needs something that touched him before he became the Dark One. Since there’s no sign of a bean or a person trying to pawn things, Arthur and David decide to go, but first, David grabs a chalice. It’s not magical, but no one else has to know that.

David tells the people of Camelot that the chalice is magical and will tell them who the thief is. Just then, one of them jumps on a horse and rides off. David and Arthur take pursuit in David’s truck. At one point David tells Arthur to take over driving. As he climbs out the window, he tells Arthur that feet are speed and hands are direction. As one twitter user put it, this explains a lot about Henry’s driving lesson!

After catching the thief, who happens to be Arthur’s squire, Grif, David finds the toadstool. He takes it to Regina and Snow. They realize that they must have been looking for it so they could talk to Merlin.

Hook finds Robin in Granny’s. They discuss how complicated Robin’s love life is while Robin looks at a sonogram of his child with Zelena. The conversation turns to Hook’s love life, but as he begins telling Robin about the mysterious door, Granny puts a to-go bag in front of him. Confused, he reads the message on the ticket. It’s from Emma. She wants him to meet her on his ship. So, off he goes.

In the end, Arthur goes to visit Grif in jail. It turns out that the whole theft was a ruse, and Arthur seems to think that it has caused him to gain Storybrooke’s trust. Arthur feels threatened by the people of Storybrooke, because of Emma, because they lied about her when they brought her to Camelot. All of that seems sensible, but then Arthur tells Grif that since they can’t reclaim their Camelot, that they will have to build a new one here. He then convinces Grif that they only way to keep their secret is for him to kill himself.

At Granny’s Hook asks Robin to help him break into Emma’s house to find out what’s behind that door. Before their planning can commence, Belle runs in to get some take out. After a brief exchange, it becomes apparent by watching the petals reattach to the rose that Gold is waking up. Belle rushes to be by his side, only to discover that he isn’t there!


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