'Once Upon a Time' 5x02 Review: 'The Price'

Magic always comes with a price, but who has to pay it?



The dwarves don’t want to have to face Emma, so they plan to leave Storybrooke. They send Dopey over the town line first just to see what would happen, and he turned into a tree. So, I suppose the price for leaving is being stuck. Does this remind anyone else of the Once Upon a Time in Wonderland episode “Who’s Alice?”



Hook approaches Belle in the shop to ask her why true love’s kiss didn’t work between her and Gold. She told him how it started to the first time, but then he withdrew and never allowed himself to be quite that vulnerable again. His true love was his power.

Henry summons Emma to ask her what happened that made her like this, and apologizes that they failed her. Before their conversation progresses any further, Regina shows up. They briefly discuss the fact that Emma erased their memories as part of her curse. It seems that she wants them to know what happened and yet doesn’t. She tells Regina that Storybrooke will need a savior, but she doesn’t have what it takes.

Elsewhere in Storybrooke, King Arthur and two of his knights ride up on Leroy and Happy demanding to know where they are and how they got there. It’s as good of a time for a town meeting as any. In the mayor’s office, Regina, Snow, and Charming explain to Arthur that Emma is the dark one and that she cast a curse that brought them all to Storybrooke sans six weeks worth of memories. Robin then arrives and leads Arthur, Charming, and the dwarves into the woods to find any wandering citizens of Camelot that were dragged along with the curse. Regina is left to ponder what Emma’s warning eluded to, and confessed to Snow that something big was headed their way.

Regina has more on her mind than just what threat is looming ahead. She is also facing the insecurities of being able to lead the townsfolk. It’s not quite the same as controlling them. She says as much to Robin in the woods just prior to an evil dryad looking creature appearing and snatching him away. The creature was explained to be a fury, a member of Greek mythology that hunted down and punished those who had committed moral crimes such as murder. Why it wanted Robin was not immediately clear, but it was obvious that there was a “price” being paid.

Hook meets up with Emma, who has her own house now, that looks an awful lot like Katherine's. He kisses her passionately, but appears stricken when it did not break the curse, and he asks her why it didn’t work. She exclaims that this is who she is now and doesn’t understand why no one can accept that. Avoiding the topic of Camelot, she tries to seduce him. You could see the turmoil in him as he fought back the urge to be with her. He made it clear that he wanted to be with the true Emma and left. Good for him!



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