Once Upon a Dragon Con Part 2: 'Only the Good Die Young'

During the four days Dragon Con was held, there were several opportunities to see the "Queens of Darkness," including signings and panels. Saturday’s panel was titled “Only the Good Die Young,” which seems apropos except perhaps for Cruella. It’s arguable that she was too young to die, but then again it was Maleficent’s egg that helped her keep her youth. Hmmm.

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The audience questioning began with the actress’ interpretations of their on screen relationships in terms of romance. In the flash back scenes of Maleficent and Regina, Bauer confirmed that there was something special between them. It was a pivotal and emotional time for Maleficent. Bauer also explained that Lana Parrilla and her work well together, and their camaraderie was evident in how they portrayed the interaction between their characters. She left all other implications to the audience. Smooth evasion. After all, filling in the details from your own imagination is usually more entertaining.

Dungey and Smurfit agreed that the chemistry evident between their characters was just a translation of their friendship. They have both, however, embraced the SeaDevil ship. In fact, they came up with a perfect date night. Smurfit suggested roller skating, and Dungey said they’d drink like fish! Smurfit even joked in the initial panel that since Crumple didn’t sail, at least she had SeaDevil!

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Now, what do you think about seeing the “Queens of Darkness” on a game show? Well, that was the next question. Smurfit led the way and they all agreed to Family Feud, if they could play as a family. “And, I’ll be mother,” Smurfit added! Dungey also mentioned Name That Tune as something she would be good at, assuming it was mostly ‘80s songs.

Next up? Show us your moves! Words will not do justice; this is a must see.

Moving right along. Sing your favorite Karaoke song for us! Bauer immediately established that she cannot sing, and shared a time when she had to walk off stage because she was unable to get the right key. Smurfit on the other hand busted out some Vanilla Ice and then persuaded Dungey to sing a few lines of “Bette Davis Eyes.” It’s another must see.

The topic of singing crossed over into the theme songs from the animated versions of their characters. They were asked which other characters on Once they’d like to play, and what their favorite fairy tales are. Then, an audience member queried which super power they’d most like to have. Dungey wants to fly, just because. Smurfit wants x-ray vision, because it would make her giggle! Bauer wants the ability to glamour people. For those of you who do not know what that means, glamouring is usually thought of as creating an illusion. Think back to the season three finale when Rumple changes the way Hook and Emma look so that they can attend Midas’ ball.

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