Marvel Netflix series ‘Luke Cage’ gets Alfre Woodard for key villain role

Emmy winner Alfre Woodard is getting in on some Marvel action by joining Luke Cage, one of Marvel’s upcoming Netflix shows.

Woodard will play a major local politician who has an impact on Luke Cage’s life. Marvel didn’t say who that character will be, but Entertainment Weekly suggests that she could be playing Lucia Von Bardas, a cyborg prime minster of Latveria, a fictional country. Of course, it’s also possible that she’s playing an entirely new character.

Luke Cage himself will be played by Mike Coulter (The Good Wife, Halo: Nightfall) and is expected to first appear as the character in A.K.A. Jessica Jones. His solo series won’t debut until next year and will be followed by Iron Fist.

A.K.A. Jessica Jones is expected to debut in December. That series stars Krysten Ritter in the title role, with David Tennant as her nemesis.

Marvel’s Netflix cycle kicked off with Daredevil, which will be returning for season two. After these four shows wrap-up, they will meet together in The Defenders. There are rumors that the next wave would include The Punisher, Blade and Ghost Rider series.

Woodard is an Oscar nominee, a Golden Globe winner and a three-time Emmy winner. She was recently seen on The Last Ship, State of Affairs, Copper and True Blood.

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