TooSmooth proves he is hip-hop’s best kept secret with ‘The Come Up Vol. 3’

Rapper TooSmooth is back with an incredibly raw and reflective album. The Come Up Vol. 3 is the rapper’s third studio album that takes listeners on a journey through his hard past, always dreaming of one day rising above adversity and making it big. TooSmooth’s unique beats, playful energy and authentic lyrics create a captivating and enjoyable musical experience.

The most notable song on the album is “Future Dreams.” The combination of its relentlessly upbeat rhythm and motivational lyrics makes for one inspirational track. The powerful lyrics “One chance / one moment / one life” automatically become a mantra that can resonate with any listener to keep them motivated to succeed.

TooSmooth revisits his past with the sad titled tracks “Bad Luck” and “Lonely Nights.” Here the rapper recalls several pivotal moments and decisions throughout his life. The steady beats truly reflect the raw emotion TooSmooth emits as he tells these detailed accounts of his life.

The rapper showcases his versatility with the skit “Death of Eda” and “Not You Too (Interlude).” Instead of rapping, TooSmooth delivers slam poetry-styled pieces that are highly emotive and compelling. These prove that TooSmooth is not only just a skilled rapper, but a talented storyteller as well.

The album transitions to the rapper’s first love song “Another Girl.” He emulates fellow rapper J-Cole’s old school style as he tells the story of love and loss. Next comes “Touch,” where TooSmooth ventures into the R&B genre. This baby making love song gives listeners a taste of the rapper’s sensitive and romantic side.

TooSmooth is definitely the one to watch in the hip-hop world. His new album pushes the boundaries of the genre, allowing him to prove his talent and tell his story in a new and exciting way. This rapper’s honest lyrics and contagious beats set him apart and will certainly put him on the fast track to number one.

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