'Once Upon a Time' top 10 tidbits about season 5

There’s a lot to look forward to in Once Upon a Time Season 5, premiering Sept. 27, 2015 on ABC.

Throughout the series, Emma Swan has been the savior. She was destined to bring everyone their happy endings. There have, however, always been obstacles to that endeavor, including some pretty nasty villains. Besides Rumpelstiltskin, who seems to waffle back and forth between having good intentions and being self-serving, and initially Regina, Swan has had to combat Regina's mother (Cora), Hook as a villain, an evil Peter Pan, the Wicked Witch, and the Snow Queen.

In the second half of the fourth season, Swan had to contend with Maleficent (for the second time), Ursula, and Cruella De Vil, collectively known as the “Queens of Darkness.” Rumple upped his game, making use of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice and the Author. Then, the Wicked Witch came back, sort of. As if all of this wasn’t enough, the Dark One’s darkness was set free.

When we left off, the Apprentice had just told them that long ago the Sorcerer took the darkness and tethered it to a human soul that could be controlled by the dagger. That way the darkness could not consume all the realms. He told them the Sorcerer was the only one who could defeat the darkness, and he told them the sorcerer’s name was Merlin. They charged out after the darkness, but couldn’t see it. Then, all of a sudden it attacked Regina. Emma decided the only way to contain it until they found Merlin would be to tether it to another soul, so she took it. That’s right, Emma is now the new Dark One. But, at least she finally told Hook she loved him before she did it.

As Bustle pointed out, the season finale left us with many questions, including:

1. Will Emma really be evil?
2. How will she be saved?
3. Who will be the new savior? Can there be more than one?
4. Will Henry continue to be the author and if so, what will he do?
5. How will they deal with Zelena and her baby?
6. What will happen to Gold?
7. Will Gold and Belle get back together?
8. What will happen with Emma and Hook’s relationship?
9. What will Lily do? Will she find her father?
10. How will they go about finding Merlin?

Although we do not have all the answers (that would ruin the fun in watching the story unfold throughout the season), we do have some tidbits, one being that they will look for Merlin in Camelot. So, here are the top 10 pieces of news we have found for you. Please share your thoughts and theories in the comments section below.

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