The Brooklyn Gypsies' first album 'Sin Fronteras' or 'Without Borders' combines cultures in music

The Brooklyn Gypsies released their debut album, Sin Fronteras, on March 5th and have become recognized as one of Brooklyn’s hidden gems. With the sudden rise in success they won’t stay hidden for long. The band is the master of infusing different ethnicities together, creating a completely new way to view and listen to music.

The group originated from Spain, Russia, Japan, Italy and the USA. They came together to form the Brooklyn Gypsies in NYC in 2012 and joined the Williamsburg Brooklyn’s Studio BPM music scene where they became known for their unique sound. Later there album, Sin Fronteras was picked up by Wonderwheel Recordings.

The Band Members include vocalists Carmen Estevez and Tina Kristina, rhythmic drummers Brandon Lewis aka B RiddimZ and Estevez, trumpet player Takuya Nakamura, sax player Troy aka Mobius, and Zeb aka The Spy from Cairo.

The diversity within this group is why they deemed themselves the Brooklyn Gypsies. They wanted to capture the nomadic spirit of their band and emphasize that even though they all had different backgrounds, they can put them together to make something beautiful.

The album begins with the “Camels of Blue”, which is the perfect introduction to this album. It begins with the sound of foreign voices creating the image of a crowded street. The Arabic tune picks up with hints of techno. As all the instruments come together, it feels as if the crowd has become hectic. Then the flamenco-style voice from Carmen Estevez transforms the song into a hip, loft-party-esque sound. This blend of styles introduces the album’s overlaying theme of traveling through what can only be described as a sci-fi desert.

Songs that one has to listen to in order to appreciate the fusion of cultures would be “Zeina”, and “BK Gypsy Dancehall feat Baja of Dry Eye Crew”. “Zeina” brings in an oriental influence mixed with Arabic/North African instrumental solos. Going along with the idea of being gypsies, listening to “Zeina” is like being transported through different areas of Asia and then entering into Africa. Midway through the song, the listener is hit with an Arabic dub-reggae sequence, which can only be understood until one hears it. “BK Gypsy Dancehall” is absolutely fascinating to listen to. It brings in a Latina/Jamaican mix of sound with the lyrics spoken in Russian and English.

The Brooklyn Gypsies want people to understand that even though their cultures look different, taste different, and sound different, it does not mean that it should be isolated. The band is about bringing people together and their goal is to open societies perspectives of what the world can be like if everyone is accepting of each other.
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