Shia LaBeouf badly injured on set of 'American Honey,' gets 20 stitches and 13 staples

Shia LaBeouf suffered an injury on set of his new film American Honey while filming in North Dakota this week. He was hospitalized and treated for injuries to his head and finger.

LaBeouf was shooting a scene where he had to put his head through a glass window but something went horribly wrong and he injured the left side of his head and the index finger on his right hand.

TMZ reports he had to get 20 stitches and 13 staples. The incident happened on Wednesday morning.

He has already been sent home from the hospial after getting bandaged up and will reportedly continue on with filming on Thursday despite his injuries.

LaBeouf made headlines earlier this month for a motivational speech he posted, in which he screams, “JUST DO IT! MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!” It has since been spoofed by a 3-year-old girl, which was a little more on the adorable side.

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