'Once Upon a Time' top 10 SwanQueen scenes

TheCelebrityCafe.com has presented top ten lists of all the major ships of Once Upon a Time; all except one: SwanQueen.

This is the one ship that has not been blatantly established on the show, but SwanQueen shippers have plenty of material to support their case that there is a very strong emotional tie between Emma Swan and Regina Mills (the previous Evil Queen). Their obvious connection is their son Henry, but as their characters developed, so did their friendship. When you watch the two of them together throughout the third and fourth seasons in particular, you can see that they have developed an unbreakable bond of trust, love, and support.

Many people are uncomfortable with this ship, none the less it has garnered quite a following. As a Once Upon a Time fan, regardless of who I ship, I want to help all my fellow Oncers have something to enjoy during the show’s summer hiatus.

The clips in this top ten list are presented in chronological order to show the progression of their relationship. Considering that Emma and Regina are two of the main characters of the show, and their interactions are constant, not all SwanQueen clips are included, such as the one displayed in the pin below. Hopefully, though, you will enjoy the ones presented, even if you don’t ship them.

Top image courtesy of Roger Wong/INFphoto.com

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