Kendall and Kylie Jenner launch a surprise website

The teen reality stars, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, have launched their new web page today.

When visiting the site,, fans are left with only a promise of surprises to come.

According to Cosmopolitan, one will see a V.I.P. letter sitting in front of what looks like the closed doors of a club. The only option is to click onto the V.I.P. letter, which prompts visitors to enter their e-mail address. By doing so, the letter promises priority access to the "surprises coming."

Once an e-mail address is entered, you are prompted with, "You're on the list! Now stay tuned for updates and news by following us on Instagram. @KendallandKylie."

The sisters' combined Instagram account has over 526 thousand followers.

Once the message appears, nothing more happens. The door does not open. You are not informed what the surprises are. Absolutely nothing. You are just left wondering what these mysterious surprises could be.

With clothing lines, modelling contracts, and a book series, there are many options for what the stars have to reveal behind these closed club doors.

Image courtesy of William Bernard/ACE/

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