Tom Hiddleston: Top 10 moments

When asked to name their favorite superhero, people often list off popular DC or Marvel characters. Spiderman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Captain America, Scarlet Witch – a dedicated comic fan could list off name after name.

Sometimes, the hero is not the most loved, however. A great example of this is the charmingly sneaky Loki from Thor. Portrayed by Tom Hiddleston, the half-brother of Thor switches sides and bewilders the heroes while managing to steal the show. According to USA Today, Loki has numerous fangirls and fanboys (perhaps even more than the series’ heroes) because “Tom is so charismatic and also because you see underneath that grin the real pain.”

What makes this actor so endearing is not only his amazing talent but also his friendly persona with fans and willingness to be silly while remaining classy. Plus, Hiddleston’s confusion over being beloved by people all over the world is charming. As he told MTV, “You want them to connect with an audience, that they’re going to find them interesting, engaging, funny, moving, ridiculous. You’re trying to inspire curiosity about something. The idea that I can represent the film is just a great honor.” His focus is not fame but creating quality films while caring for the fans, crew and cast who make him a star.

Here are some of the moments that make fans swoon, cry and cheer for Hiddleston. He is both sincere and playful, dapper and childish, mischievous and polite. These qualities show in each interview, especially the ones on this list.

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