Top 10 'Glee' Guest Stars

7.Adam Lambert

Lambert notably famous from being a runner up on Americal Idol and having a hit album was brought on to the Glee canvas in the fifth season as a friend and band-mate to Rachel and Kurt. In the video above, Rachel and Santana are in a battle of the voices trying to win him over with the best voice while singing “Gloria” as a birthday song to one of the eateries clientele. In the video below, Lambert pulls out the stops to become part of the band in an audition in which he sings Lady Gaga’s “Marry The Night” brilliantly. If you never watched Glee during the Lambert days, definitely try to because not only does he have the singing chops, but he glams up his outfits like no other and he gives the scruffy look a whole new image which is worth five “woofs.”

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