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That’s right, we have quite a few characters returning. Most obviously, Robin Hood will make his Big Apple debut, with Marian (Christie Laing) and Roland (Raphael Alejandro), but he will also appear in flashbacks with Rumpelstiltskin and Zelena (Rebecca Mader). Yep, it’s none other than the wicked witch, herself.

That’s not all, though. Soon, Cora (Barbara Hershey) will again be gracing our screens, and before too long we’ll be seeing Lily again. This time, however, we’ll get to see her as an adult as well as a child. Here is a comparison of young Lily (Nicole Munoz) and adult Lily (Agnes Bruckner):


Image via Tumblr from OncersTV

We just found out that at least one of our fan theories was right with the prediction that Lily was actually Maleficent’s missing child. However, according to the Inquisitr, the show won’t focus on this part of the story line until April 19 in the episode titled “Sympathy for the Da Vil,” and adult Lily will not appear until her self titled episode on April 26.

We can also expect to see more of Patrick Fischler, our infamous author. Who will find him first, and will he write what they want? He definitely seems to have his own vision of things! One viewer even suggested that it was his fault Regina and Robin didn’t get together.


Image via Tumblr from Enchanted Theories

Eion Bailey (August/Pinocchio) will be playing a part in the search for the author, but to what extent is unknown. Obviously, the Queens of Darkness are still around. We have to see how Ursula (Merrin Dungey) and Cruella (Victoria Smurfit) dealt with being dumped in our world with Maleficent’s baby. Why did she age, but they didn’t? Why didn’t they take care of her? If Ursula got her happy ending, will Cruella get hers? Finally, we have to see Maleficent (Kristin Bauer van Straten) and Lily reunite.

Image of Patrick Fischler courtesy of INFevents.com

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What happened?

Before we delve too far into what’s to come, let’s take a brief look at where we left off. In the last episode, “Best Laid Plans,” Hook tells Emma that Rumple’s plan is to darken her heart, or as Henry puts it “un-savior the savior,” but Emma’s not worried. She’s always maintained that no one decides who she is but her.

Can Emma’s heart be corrupted? #OnceUponATime is all-new tomorrow on ABC!

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However, just as things seem to go as planned, everything backfires. There’s an old adage that the process one goes through to prevent a prophecy usually causes it to happen. So, Snow and Charming’s “best laid plans” to keep Emma from being evil may be what drives her to it. Her reaction to them finally confessing says it all, and Snow recognizes in her the “evil Emma” that was in her vision.

Emma’s reaction:

Snow’s vision:

In both instances Emma replies she doesn’t care when Snow says, “I’m your mother.”

We could fear the worst for Emma, but in all the other redemption story lines it is true love that saves the characters from their own evil. Emma has true love with Henry and Hook, and even Regina. Hopefully those relationships will keep her from allowing the darkness to consume her.

Regardless of how she gets there, there are some *SPOILER* pins that suggest that Emma will be sacrificing herself, which doesn’t sound all that evil to me.

The question I have is, what kind of sacrifice? If she gives up her life, can the show continue without her? Is she somehow banishing herself so that she can’t be filled with darkness? Does Gold think he can trick or compel her into becoming the new Dark One? Will she have to give into the darkness to restore balance now that Regina is good?

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What’s next?

Well, we know tonight’s episode, “Heart of Gold,” is about Robin Hood’s past. We will supposedly find out how he became the thief he is now, and from where his “code” originated. It all has something to do with Zelena, and a fool’s errand in Oz that Rumple talks Robin into doing.

We will also get to see how Robin makes it back to Storybrooke. Although, I have to wonder what exactly will happen with Marian. The modern day segment shows Robin in New York chasing down a purse snatcher, and telling him that any thief who would steal from the needy has no honor. How quaint.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Sean Maguire compared Robin and Regina’s relationship to that of Romeo and Juliet. He also dished on his relationship with Will Scarlet (Michael Socha) which will be explored, as well as some interactions with the Sheriff of Nottingham and the author. Maguire explained that the author will be seen interacting with almost all of them at some point in time or another.

In the last episode, Rumple knocked Regina out and had her brought back to her vault. He explained to Maleficent and Cruella that he can make Regina help them, because he has something that will compel her. Does that have something to do with Robin?

Venture Capital Post pointed out that the title of the next episode “Heart of Gold” implies that it will revolve around Mr. Gold, and questions whether Mr. Gold will have a change of heart in his quest for power and if he and Belle will be reunited. However, we know that this episode is really about Robin Hood. So, what can we expect?

Well, according to Kitsis and Horowitz, it’s not over until it’s over!

Regarding Rumbelle, ET quoted Horowitz as saying, it is “a dark chapter for the Rumbelle fans — but it's just one chapter. We’re telling a larger story and there are more chapters to come." As for Outlaw Queen, Kitsis is reported as saying, "The story is just at a middle point and although it seemed final, I would definitely keep watching because there's much more to come."

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