'Grey's Anatomy': Fans react to shocking 'How to Save a Life'

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Although it seems Entertainment Weekly ruined it even before social media could. From a photo posted by Paige (@pml122689) on Apr 23, 2015 at 11:32am PDT via Instagram:

@entertainmentweekly how are you going to put that little, tiny, microscopic spoiler alert warning next to a full page picture of the smokin' hot @patrickdempsey and expect people to notice it!?! You literally just RUINED one of the most important moments of @greysabc in the history of the show!! I'm so FURIOUS right now that if I was also fast I'd be filming with Vin Diesel for the 8th installment. I'm seriously considering canceling my subscription. Is that an overreaction? @shondarhimes Am I right?

Last night on Grey's Anatomy, in the show before the season finale, Shonda Rimes did what many consider unthinkable.

She killed Derek Shephard.


We've had a lot of flashbacks the past few episodes of Derek and Meredith, which could have been because of their reconciliation and decision to fight for their marriage. Instead, it seems to have been a lead-up to the end of an era.

Before last night, Shonda already had viewers on an emotional roller coaster with Derek going to Washington, DC, Meredith having a huge life-saving streak (80+ lives!) without him around, then the phone call.

The shock of the possibility Derek cheated on Meredith (once a cheater, always a cheater) was nothing in comparison to last night.

The episode started with some minor breath-holding as Derek safely avoids a car accident. In all his "I am Derek Shephard-ness" he did what he has always done best - saved lives.

From the minor dislocated hip, to a head injury to guts falling out, McDreamy was once again a hero.

And then....

It all went to hell.

A semi truck, a local hospital with no trauma center, an inexperienced staff, and a neurosurgeon that was out to dinner, this scenario was not looking good.

Then the little girl he saved told "her friend" Derek he had a pulse, he was still alive and it was not a good day to die.

Hope was slightly renewed, even for a millisecond.

Until Derek himself starts walking us through the steps the doctors should have taken (and why they probably didn't take them) that would have saved his life.

In the end, he died. With just his wife beside him.

(if you have not watched the whole episode DO NOT HIT PLAY!)

The shock and horror of losing a beloved character, who after so many years is more like a friend or family member to dedicated viewers hit hard.

This morning to outcry on social media will bring tears to your eyes all over again.

Here are some of the reactions:

There is one huge issue left from last night. This Facebook poster sums up the question of why didn't Meredith call Amelia?

*spoilers*I'm watching Grey's Anatomy and I cannot believe Meredith would be so selfish and/or thoughtless not to at...

Posted by Sarka-Jonae Miller on Thursday, April 23, 2015

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