Top 10 things you didn't know about Patrick Schwarzenegger

The name Patrick is a common name. Well, what does one think when they hear the name Schwarzenegger? Yes, Schwarzenegger is not such a common name, but it is a well known name belonging to one well-known man and his next of kin. Yes, we are referring to The Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Only thing is we want to know more about his son, Patrick.

Although Patrick Schwarzenegger, 21, is his own person and tries not to live in the glory and fame created by his dad, it is something that just is. As a matter of fact he is reported to receive his trust fund when he turns 25 in the amount of $49 million, but after he started dating Miley Cyrus there seems to be mixed reviews from family members and he could lose his trust fund money if he continues dating her. Even though Patrick is no stranger to limelight being who he is, there has been even more buzz around him since dating Cyrus.

Now that he has become more of a trending topic to report on; pictures circulated from when he was on spring break in which it was reported that he took body shots off of a brunette while in Cabo and he had to take to Twitter to defend his actions in which he stated that the female is a friend. Whatever alleged scandal happened or didn’t happen is obviously not a problem for girlfriend Cyrus as they were seen out after eating sushi in California a week ago.

Being that much of the news being reported has to do with his love life or speculations involving his love life and he is not just a sexy “good” man with a famous name and a possibly tarnished reputation because of those spring break pictures; has decided to examine other facts about the college student whose part Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver and deliver the goods to our readers. Feedback and comments are always welcome so feel free to comment after reading the top 10 things you did not know about little P, the other half of Piley.


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