'The Haves and the Have Nots' recap: 'Enough Is Enough'

Last week on The Haves and the Have Nots, Wyatt confesses to the DEA, Candace buys a house for herself and one for Benny and David finally sees what Veronica has become.

Jim calls Wyatt downstairs and allows him to take shots of alcohol. He asks him to explain why he hates him. He talks about his affairs and tells Wyatt that he and Katherine were once in love but hate each other now and she ignored his affairs. She then revealed that she also had affairs of her own.

They continue to have shots and Katherine joins in. Wyatt asks about Candace. Jim tells him that he will make Candace pay for all of the damage she caused the family. Jim asks Wyatt if he's in love with Jeffrey. Wyatt is shocked at the question and tells Jim that he's straight. He tells Wyatt that the guys will be all over him in prison and he will get raped because he is good looking. He tells him that the DA will put Wyatt in prison for the rest of his life.

Jim tells Wyatt that he and Katherine are going to retire and go on a trip. He makes a toast, thanking Wyatt for destroying his own life. He tells him that he is tired and doesn't care anymore and sends Wyatt to his room.

Hanna is on the phone going over the arrangements for Amanda's funeral. When she hangs up, Quincy bangs on her door. She looks out the window and finds he's with Candace's baby. He asks where Candace is but she tells him she doesn't know. He takes the boy back, hits Hanna and leaves.

Maggie calls a private investigator to follow Veronica. They're at the hotel and David gives Landon the number of the hotel manager so that the video of Veronica antics does not go public. David tells Maggie that he has everything covered and leaves to go home despite Maggie telling him it's not a good idea.

Benny gets home and finds Hanna's face bruised. She tells him Quincy was there with Candace's baby and Benny leaves in a rage to find him.

Landon and Candace meet up in the bar. Jeffrey meets up with them and finds out Veronica destroyed the bar. Melissa shows up and asks to speak to Jeffrey in private, but Candace goes to ease-drop.

They go to Jeffrey's room and Melissa tries to get back with Jeffrey. He tells her to leave but she cries and takes her clothes off. Candace comes in and goes through Melissa's purse to find out what she's up to. She finds an ovulation stick and is trying to get pregnant by Jeffrey. She leaves and they're about to go back to the bar when Veronica calls Jeffrey and knows about him sending Melissa away. She tells him that she needs to see him now and hangs up. Candace figures out that Veronica put Melissa up to this and he doubts it and leaves to see her.

Benny goes to War and tells him what Quincy did to Hanna. War calls his guys and they know he is at a strip club. Benny leaves to go find him.

Jeffrey goes to see Veronica and sees she's been drinking and smoking. She tells Jeffrey that Melissa is pregnant and that she planned the whole thing. She also tells him that he'll have to marry her now. He tells her that he will never want Melissa. Veronica tells him that he is disgusting for wanting to be with a man and Jeffrey calls her evil, wicked and stupid and she slaps him. He tells her that she is not allowed to hurt him anymore and continues to call her simple and pathetic and that he hates himself for loving her and caring about what she thinks of him. He tells her that he is done with her threats, tells her to go to hell and leaves her in shock, but she only worries about what they're going to name the baby.

Benny finds Quincy and crashes into his car and beats him up, police sirens in the distance.

David gets home. Veronica asks about Maggie and David tells her that they're going to get her help in the morning.

Jeffrey calls Landon to his room, throws him into his bed, and kisses him.

Benny calls to speak with David to help get him out of jail and Veronica tells him that she'll see what she can do.

Candace is at the bar when Oscar shows up and asks about the auction. She tells him to come to her room so they can have sex.

Veronica gets Benny out of jail and asks him to drive since shes been drinking. She asks him to pull over and tells him that David is hang an affair. She kisses him and Benny tells her it isn't a good idea.

Candace is about to sleep with Oscar when Hanna knocks. She asks if she's seen Benny and tells her that he's looking for Quincy.

Benny drops Veronica off and she tells him to keep the car as a gift. She goes into the bedroom where David is sleeping with a gas can and starts pouring it around the bed. She lights a match and throws it down. The room is in flames but David doesn't wake up. She goes outside and sits on the steps, smoking her cigarette.

image courtesy of Jennifer Graylock/INFphoto.com

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