John Carpenter's 'The Thing' and 'Frozen' stop-motion crossover creates wonderfully bizarre fun

Despite their similarly snow-laced backgrounds, one would likely not think to cross Disney's Frozen and John Carpenter's The Thing. Leave it to UK animator Lee Hardcastle, then, to do the work for you.

The A.V. Club reported on the new video, which realizes the characters of the 2013 animated movie in clay form performing the lines from one of The Thing's bloodiest and most famous sequences. According to the animator, the scene is supposed to be "a deleted scene" directed by the Big Trouble in Little China filmmaker.

For anyone bugged to death of these characters and wanting to see them cuss and bleed, rejoice. Even in a mere minute-and-a-half, there are more than a fair share of cartoon violence and adult language galore. While some may think the animation is cheap, it's a very well-made and well-paced piece of animation made with ton of love and creativity.

If you want to see Hardcastle's other wacky film parodies, check out his YouTube channel. This is, of course, just one animator to parody the beloved animated movie. Others include The Simpsons this December. Meanwhile, Frozen returns to the big screen next week with the short film Frozen Fever in front of Disney's latest, their Cinderella live-action remake.

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