18th & Addison releases 'Little Parasites'

18th & Addison has released Little Parasites and are making their presence felt in the rock industry because of their modern sound that combines elements of pop and punk rock in a way that feels new. 18th & Addison includes Kait DiBenedetto and Tom Kunzman. The duo plays off each others musical strengths right off the top of the album and doesn't stop until the final song.

Little Parasites opens with "Like Porcelain" and this track sets the tone for the rest of the album. DiBenedetto and Kunzman are both featured separately on the single but when they combine their vocal ranges with the aggressive and hard hitting punk, rock inspired instrumental sound, the result is a perfect combination of hard and soft coming together to create a unique musical balance.

18th & Addison came together in Toms River, New Jersey and have been building their fan base one show at a time. They have high energy and capture their emotions within each song that is featured on the album. This does feel like a complete musical work instead of a collection of singles.

There isn't anything like Little Parasites on most rock playlists today. As a band they are willing to take risks and also play with their musical ranges. They have combined many musical influences while also refusing to stay inside a musical stereotype, they are different and proud of that fact. Throughout the album Kunzman delivers an emotion solo but when they come back together their ranges take on a whole new meaning.

This album isn't afraid to explore it's more aggressive rock 'n' roll side and embraces the elements that have been created from playing shows night after night and working together in basements and garages. This kind of musical creation is natural and the way that things used to happen, by coming together and jamming in a friend's basement. If they can keep up this modern and aggressive feel that also compliments their incredible vocal ranges as a duo, it won't be long before 18th & Addison is touring all across the United States and is known of the music charts.

Stand out tracks on the album include "Circles," "Too Many Faces" and "Consequences."

Their album is currently available for download and on Spotify.

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