Top 10 'Once Upon a Time' Rumple and Belle moments

Well, we’ve made it half way through January, with only six weeks left to go before the return of Once Upon a Time on March, 1!

As we continue sailing the rocky seas of love, we will take a ride on the great ship Rumbelle! The Beauty and the Beast based couple, Rumpelstiltskin and Belle, have been a staple in the Once Upon a Time universe from the beginning. Their story being told through ups and downs, self-sacrifices, and broken promises is one of true love like no other. However, Belle’s ability to see the man behind the monster is now being challenged more than ever before.

During the winter finale, Belle discovers that the dagger Rumple gave her was not authentic. Obtaining the actual dagger, she is able to impede his power-obsessed and revenge-based plans. She commands him to take them to the town line where she banishes him from Storybrooke. This was most upsetting to many fans who have rooted for Rumple’s redemption through his love for Belle and her unwavering faith in him.

Fans are wondering if there will be a Rumbelle reunion in the latter half of this season. TV Line went to the source to find out. When asked about it, Eddy Kitsis told TV Line, “Rumple let us know in Season 1 that he’s a difficult man to love. And he’s let us know that he always chooses power over love,” but Adam Horowitz added, “Rumple and Belle have been through a lot together, and despite how it may have felt in the midseason finale, their story is not over.” In regards to their marriage, we will hopefully see a “for better” interaction rather than a “for worse” one.

This is a top ten list of Rumple and Belle moments, though far from all inclusive as it seeks to circumnavigate the negative. Also, on a slightly different approach, this top ten will be chronological. If your favorite scene didn’t make the list, tell us about it in the comments below.

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10. Rumple spares Robin Hood

In this scene, Rumple takes Belle with him to hunt down Robin Hood. Robin Hood had attempted to steal a wand from Rumple, and when Rumple left him in a cell to be tortured, Belle set him free. He proceeded to take the wand and run off into the forest. As Belle and Rumple close in on Robin, they see that he is using the wand to heal a pregnant Marian. Belle pleads with Rumple to be merciful, telling him she sees the good in him. When he fires his arrow, he misses. It is at this time that Belle first realizes she’s right about him; he spared Robin’s life, and there’s no mistaking his smitten smile.

9. Rumple shows Belle the library

Upon their return from chasing and then sparing Robin Hood, Belle says that if nothing more is needed of her she will retire for the night. A giddy Rumple, not wanting to end his magical time with her, demands one more thing: that she add another room to her list of cleaning duties; a room that is none other than the library. Belle knows this is a gift for her, and in her own way thanks him.

8. Rumple catches Belle

As Belle is spring cleaning, she becomes frustrated by the dusty curtains that she can’t seem to open. Atop a ladder, she yanks on them, stopping to ask Rumple if he nailed them to the wall which he affirms. With another yank she falls from the ladder and he catches her. It almost seems accidental. When she looks up at him dreamily and thanks him, he reacts by quickly dropping her to her feet. He still does not want to admit that he could have feelings for another woman after Milah broke his heart or that anyone could love him as the Dark One.

7. Can’t I at least know you?

In this scene from season one, Belle appeals to Rumple’s sense of loneliness by telling him that if she isn’t to know anyone else for the rest of her life, she should at least be able to get to know him. She asks him about his son, a topic he is reticent to discuss. After a brief conversation, he offers her a deal. He sends her to town, and tells her that if she returns, he will tell her about his son.

6. You still have my cup

Belle does return, and kisses Rumple in hopes of breaking his curse with true love’s kiss. When it begins to work, he realizes that someone told Belle about how true love can break any curse. He immediately acknowledges the Evil Queen as the person behind the rouse, and accuses Belle of trying to take his magic away to “defeat the beast.” Her protests of true love are not enough to convince him otherwise. He puts her out, after which she is captured and held prisoner by the Evil Queen, even into Storybrooke. When she is finally reunited with Rumple, as Mr. Gold, things are rocky as usual, and after a brief period of separation, she goes to see him at his shop. There she sees the tea cup that she chipped all those years ago sitting in close proximity to him as he spins. She knows this means he loves her and never stopped thinking of her. It’s evidence of the earnestness of his professions.

5. Rumple calls Belle from his deathbed

As always, their happiness is short lived. Hook and Cora find a way to Storybrooke, and while Cora causes chaos, Hook sets out to exact revenge on Rumple for the death of his true love, Rumple’s ex-wife. When he is unable to kill Rumple he tries to kill Belle instead, so as to make Rumple suffer as he did. Rumple is able to heal Belle, but when she was shot she fell over the town line causing her to lose her memories. Without her memories, she is lost, and so is Rumple. He leaves to look for his son, and is again chased down by Hook, who this time stabs him with his poison dipped hook. As Rumple lies dying, he calls Belle to say goodbye. It is a moving confession of love.

4. They say goodbye as he leaves for Neverland

Twisted by Cora’s return, Regina gives Belle fake memories. When it appears that the whole town will be destroyed, Rumple restores her true memories so that he again can say goodbye. Just when it should end, Regina and Emma manage to save the town. However, their son and Rumple’s grandson, Henry, is kidnapped in the process. Now, Rumple, on a mission of redemption, decides to go to Neverland in pursuit of Henry and his captors. He leaves Belle behind, and tells her goodbye yet again.

3. I want a future with you

Eventually, Rumple returns from Neverland triumphant. Belle chides him that she knew he’d be back. Now that he’s redeemed himself, he has a future unrestricted by prophesy. It is a future that he concedes he desires to spend with her.

2. Rumple proposes

Peter Pan showed up in Storybrooke, and Rumple had to defeat him, but could only do so by killing himself in the process. Later, he is resurrected by the Wicked Witch of the West, who with his dagger, uses him as a pawn in her attempt to go back in time to change the course of events in her own life. When she is overcome and he is finally free of her, Belle delivers the dagger to him, and he in turn proposes to her.

1. The wedding

In the season three finale, Rumple and Belle are finally married. It is a simple but beautiful ceremony in which they share their own vows. A wedding that Rumbelle shippers held their breath for, and now appears to be in jeopardy. Only time will tell if this marriage can be salvaged; if this tale as old as time will continue.

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