Kill My Coquette releases self titled debut

Kill My Coquette has released an EP which features a quick sampling of what natural, organic and grungy rock 'n' roll feels like. Even though the EP only has five tracks, it is a strong enough introduction that not only places the band on the music radar but will help them build up a fan base. Today's music industry is being flooded with electronic music and catchy pop hooks but this EP is a return to classic and simple rock 'n' roll.

Kill My Coquette is fronted by lead singer Natalie Denise Sperl and the band is rounded out with three other members. Sperl's vocal range has a more mature and classic rock 'n' roll feel. Her vocals can have an influence of Janis Joplin with a hint of Alanis Morissette.

The EP opens with "3rd & Boonie Brae" which sets the overall tone to the EP. The song is hard hitting and doesn't let up. The song is fast faced and highlights Sperl's ability to lead the song forward with her fun vocals and catchy lyrics.

After "3rd & Boonie Brae" the next track, "Festival Boy" flows naturally. It slows down the high energy that is featured so heavily in the opening track but shows off a different and more emotional side to the band. The band really expresses a large musical range within the five songs featured on the EP.

The fact that is an EP does stand out because it feels not as produced as other records currently on the charts but that plays into the overall feel of the album. This album feels like it was produced in a garage and was a result of natural musical collaboration. It might be time to move away from the high tech recording studios and embrace the ways of music in the past. When a jam session could become a chart topping album because of the energy that is felt within the rifts and creativity.

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