Exploding Kittens card game Kickstarter campaign nears $2 million

After only a day, a Kickstarter campaign for the soon-to-be greatest card game in the world has reached nearly $2 million with over 45,000 backers. Yes, there are that many people who want to play Exploding Kittens.

The card game went viral on Tuesday, just after the Kickstarter campaign was launched. By that afternoon, it had reached $525,000, already blowing past the $10,000 goal.

This morning, the campaign has raised $1.84 million from over 47,280 backers. Over 3,800 backers have pledged $20 to get a deck, while 4,300 backers pledged $35 for the NSFW pack. That one includes a deck that’s not exactly safe for children.

In addition, five backers have already pledged $500 or more, which means that they will also get a custom card drawn personally by co-creator Elan Lee.

In the game, players pick a card from the deck and if they get an exploding kitten, they are knocked out. However, you can get diffuse cards to stop an exploding kitten or attack cards to hurt your opponents.

Lee, an XBox designer, created the game with fellow XBox designer Shane Small and The Oatmeal’s Matthew Inman.

screenshot from video by Matthew Inman

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