Top 10 Hook and Emma moments from 'Once Upon a Time'

Once Upon a Time fans, or delightfully known as Oncers, are anxious to get through the mid-season hiatus. The last episode, “Heroes and Villains,” the mid-season finale, aired on December 14, 2014. Another new episode will not be aired until the second half of the season picks up on March 1, 2015. So, what are Oncers going to do with all this time on their hands?

They’re going to keep “shipping.” If you search Once Upon a Time, it won’t be long before you come across character relationship commentary. All fans have their own opinions, and since a good story is one that requires the reader or viewer to become emotionally invested in the characters, it is no surprise that the fans of TV dramas such as Once Upon a Time adamantly support and defend their ideal relationship. Many of these “ships” are ones in which the characters are currently or have been involved.

A very popular “ship” among Oncers is “CaptainSwan,” or a romantic relationship between Captain Hook and Emma Swan. From the introduction of the Captain Hook character in season 2, there has always been a sexual tension between the two. Many fans began to “ship” them early on in the show, before their season 3 involvement. Whether you “ship” them or not, here are 10 of the top Hook and Emma moments as a couple (or couple in the works).

Note: These moments are ordered by level of romanticism, not in order of occurrence.

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