'Once Upon A Time' Recap: Fall

The episode opens with Rumple congratulating Ingrid as she stands in the woods admiring her expanding spell. He wants to make a deal (technically, amend a deal). In exchange for not spending the rest of his life trying to kill her, she can let him leave with both Belle and Henry. She seems to think that’s fair enough.

The others watch helplessly from the clock tower as the spell of shattered sight emerges above the tree tops and begins heading toward them. Regina lets them know it will be there by sundown and reminds everyone what it will do. Charming suggests they hide in the vault or in the mines, but Regina retorts that magic does not care about ceilings and walls. Emma declares that if they can’t hide, then they should leave.

With that being said, they decide to brave the ice wall encircling the town. David strikes the wall with a dwarf’s pick axe, but all it does is knock him to the ground and sprout new stalagmites. As the ground cracks, Elsa finds Anna’s necklace.

The Charmings go warn the townspeople, and Hook goes to the harbor and see if they can leave by boat. Regina decides to warn Robin Hood, and insists that Henry go with her. Emma argues, thinking that he'll be safer with her if she is immune to the spell. After going back and forth for a minute, Henry decides to go with Regina.

Emma and Elsa have Belle do some research, which leads to the discovery that although there is not a way to stop the spell of shattered sight, there is an antidote. To make it they need something from a person who has already been affected by it; something like a strand of hair. Elsa immediately thinks of Anna, whom she suspected was under one of Ingrid’s spells when she trapped her in the urn. If that’s true and they can find her, then they can use a strand of her hair to create the antidote. Belle puts the locator potion on the necklace, which starts glowing. Emma and Elsa follow it toward the library, while Belle goes to ask the fairies for help.

Hook goes to the harbor, to no avail. It turns out that Gold is there with both his sorcerer’s hat and Hook’s heart. Gold assures him that the hat is not for Emma this time. Belle had just called to let Gold know that she’d be at Granny’s with all the fairies working on this antidote. With all the fairies in one place, it's clear where Gold can get all the magic he needs to free himself from the dagger. Gold’s plan is for Hook to collect the fairies in the hat as soon as he has gotten Belle away from them.

When they arrive at Granny's, Gold has Hook hide in the back. He attempts to convince Belle to leave with him, but Belle insists she must stay to help the fairies. So, Gold says he’ll stay too. Blue looks up with a “what the…” look on her face and, calling him the Dark One, tells him that the spell they’re working on is light magic. His comeback is that maybe he’ll learn something. Since time is short, Blue is unable to argue with him, and so he waits.

Emma and Elsa run into a wall blocking the path in which the necklace is leading them. It appears that it will take a couple of hours for the dwarves to break through it. At this time, they get word that the fairies can make the antidote without Anna, by using the mirror dust stuck in the necklace. There’s a catch, though. In the process, the necklace will be destroyed. A decision must be made: risk the entire town to find one person, or give up the only way to find the person in order to save the town. It’s a lose-lose situation, so they go with save the town. Emma approaches Elsa to ask her for the necklace. Reluctantly, Elsa hands over the pouch in which she keeps it. However, when they got to Granny's they found out that the necklace was not in the pouch. This is a big problem, because even if Emma is able to bring the necklace back right away, the fairies won’t have enough time to finish the antidote before the spell hits. Emma goes after Elsa anyway.

Regina takes Henry back to her office and magically seals him in it. Robin shows up and says he wants to be with her, that he’s not afraid of her. “You really should be,” she replies, with tears in her eyes, as if all the evil she had done came rushing back at her. She leaves and seals herself in her vault, as if that will really stop her from causing mayhem after the spell takes effect.

Emma finds Elsa breaking through the wall in the tunnel with her ice magic. Surprisingly, it leads to the beach where the necklace ceases to glow. Emma reminds Elsa that magic isn’t perfect, and that it has 30 years. Elsa thinks Emma wants her to give up on her sister, but Emma clarifies that what they need to do is focus on the problem at hand. That requires Anna’s necklace.

In what appears to be Arrendale of the past, Anna and Kristoff suddenly unfreeze. Anna immediately finds a straw of gold on the floor, and surmises that Rumpelstiltskin came to get the urn back from Ingrid. In the midst of making plans to find Elsa, in marches Hans, declaring himself the new king.

Anna and Kristoff manage to get away, only to be caught again, this time by Blackbeard. They set out to find him so that they could buy a "wishing star" from him, but it turns out that he already made a deal with Hans to throw them overboard. He has them placed in a trunk, and as the lid is closing, Hans informs Anna that they were frozen for thirty years. How convenient!

The trunk sinks to the bottom of the ocean and slowly starts filling up with water. This is all evidently happening at the same time that Elsa is on the beach about to give Emma the necklace. Before she hands it over, she makes a wish with it. She wishes that Anna was with her, and it immediately starts glowing again. The ocean begins bubbling, and out pops the trunk. It turns out that the necklace was the "wishing star!"

Gold finally gets Belle to leave with him. He leads her back to his shop and seals her in it. After he left, Hook reluctantly sucked the fairies up into the magical hat. When Emma, and Elsa get back, they find Granny’s wrecked and empty, but they don’t have time to figure out why.

The episode ends in the Sherif’s station. Snow and Charming have Emma lock them each in a separate cell, and they have her take the baby. Anna handcuffs Kristoff to the desk, and Hook shows up because he wanted to see Emma one more time. They kiss goodbye, and as she turns away, she rubs her lips and looks like something didn’t feel right. Perhaps she could tell his heart wasn’t in it.

As the shards of the shattered mirror rain down, Snow and Charming are holding hands through the bars of the cell. Charming reassures Snow that nothing can come between them, especially since they now share two halves of the same heart, but when the shards enter their eyes, their hands slip apart and their expressions harden.

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