'Once Upon a Time' Recap: The Snow Queen

In this episode we get to see how Ingrid and her sister Helga disappeared, and why all memories of them were erased. It all began when they were children and they first learned that Ingrid had a mysterious power. When a man attempted to kidnap them, and in the process pushed Ingrid down, ice flew from her hands freezing a tree next to the man. One of the frozen branches fell, hitting and killing him. Horrified, Ingrid backs away from her sisters, exclaiming that she doesn’t want to hurt them.

Rather than reject Ingrid and fear her, Helga and Gerda chose to support her and profess their love for her by vowing that they would always be there for each other. They sealed the pact with matching ribbons to remind themselves they are not alone.

As the sisters grew, so did Ingrid’s desire to sequester herself. Gerda suggests that they travel to Misthaven (The Enchanted Forest) to find Rumpelstiltskin. The plan was to ask him to remove Ingrid’s powers so that she will be comfortable living a normal life. Rumple offers Ingrid gloves to contain the magic, but also the urn in the event her magic and she herself needed to be contained. In exchange, he wanted their ribbons, which each had tied around their left wrist. The sisters protested, but Ingrid made the final decision, and the exchange was made.

Shortly thereafter, Ingrid was confronted by a duke (one courting her sister, Helga) who attempted to force himself upon her. She accidentally blasted him back with her ice power. Helga showed up to inquire what was happening. The duke claimed it was Ingrid who made a pass at him, and attacked him when he refused, but Helga saw through the lie and came to her sister’s defense. He kept taunting them until Ingrid decided she would use her magic against him on purpose. Helga stepped in the way, and the ice magic froze her, killing her. When Gerda found Ingrid with the frozen remains of Helga, she trapped Ingrid in the urn, and turned to the rock trolls to wipe their memory away.

In Storybrooke, Emma and Elsa practice a spell that may restrict the Snow Queen’s powers. Meanwhile, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella participate in a mommy-and-me playdate. Emma shows up to babysit so that Snow can go on a date, but she has to give Snow a raincheck when she gets a call that the Snow Queen is in the clock tower. Elsa meets her there, and when they confront the Snow Queen they enact their spell, binding the Snow Queen in shackles. While Charming, and Hook try to figure out how to dismantle a mirror the Snow Queen set up in the clock tower, Emma and Elsa interrogate Ingrid. Elsa leaves to join the guys at the clock tower, only to discover that the mirror is a fake. Charming realizes right away that the Snow Queen put it there because she wanted to get caught. He rushes over to the police station, which by this point is frozen over.

While Emma and Ingrid are alone, Ingrid pushes Emma into a fit of rage. She claims that Emma is misunderstood, feared, and in the end unloved. She explains that family is not by blood, but by bond, and she is more of a family to Emma because they are alike. Ingrid insists that Snow and Charming decided to have another baby to replace her and they are happy he was born normal. Emma finally loses her anger, but in the process also loses control of her powers. As she slams her hands down on the table, she simultaneously blasts a hole through the wall of the station. Outside, Charming, Hook, Snow, and the gang want to know what happened, and just like Ingrid and Elsa before her, Emma, in fear of herself, backs away from them because she doesn’t want to hurt them.

When they won’t let it go, she unintentionally releases another burst of energy, causing a pole to topple onto Charming. With an involuntary reaction, Snow looks at Emma and says her name in a reproachful manner. She immediately catches herself and apologizes, but it’s too late. Emma takes off. It would appear that the Snow Queen got exactly what she wanted. Well, she almost got what she wanted. She pays a visit to Rumple and offers information on how he can leave Storybrooke and control a much larger area while retaining his magic and being free from the control of the dagger. That sounds too good to be true, and surely the reformed Rumple will refuse. Surprisingly, he does not refuse. He agrees, and in exchange he gives Ingrid back her three ribbons and agrees that he will leave Storybrooke for her to control.

Poor Robin Hood is so conflicted, he’s beside himself. He pays a visit to Regina, who tells him again that he must forget about her and focus on Marian. He ends up discussing the matter with Will Scarlet, who tells him that true love is worth fighting for no matter what. This is poignant if you have seen Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, where he goes through hell and back for his true love. In fact, at this juncture in his life, he thinks his true love is no longer attainable, but he still advises Robin to fight for love. Robin takes this advice and returns to Regina. She is annoyed that he has returned, but he interrupts her protest by telling her that he has lived by a code of honor every day of his life, but this is not one of those days. Before she can respond, he swoops in a kisses her passionately.

What will she do next? Where will Emma go? Will Rumple betray Belle? We will have to wait and see.

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