Zombieland' sequel in the works, Ruben Fleischer expected to direct again

"While no one wanted a television show based on the 2009 cult hit Zombieland, it turns out that Sony thinks we want a sequel.

The studio has reportedly hired Dave Callahan to write the script. According to Deadline, Ruben Fleischer, whose career showed a lot of promise before Gangster Squad derailed it, will be back to direct. However, the site’s sources say that he has not officially signed on yet.

Callahan worked on Legendary and Warner Bros.’ Godzilla remake and also wrote Focus Features’ upcoming Jackpot. That darkly comic tale proved to Sony that he could write the sequel to the also darkly comic zombie movie.

The original 2009 film managed to gross $100 million worldwide and starred Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson and Abigail Breslin as zombie apocalypse survivalists. It’s not clear if they would return, but none of them took part in the Amazon pilot from 2013 that did not get picked up after fans hated it “out of existence,” as co-creator Rhett Reese eloquently put it.

Bill Murray was also in the original with a funny cameo role at the end, playing a zombie version of himself. "

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