Top 10 worst Marvel films

"Its no secret that Marvel has been on a hot streak with its films in recent years.

Marvel films
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Starting with Iron Man in 2008, Marvel’s interconnected films and universe have been mostly well received by critics and audiences. Their biggest success came with The Avengers, but each individual superhero film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was also a major success. Even unconnected films, such as the X-Men films by 20th Century Fox, have been equally successful.

However, not all Marvel films were great. Before Marvel got back the screen rights to make a Netflix series, there was the derided Daredevil film. Before Fox decided to reboot it, there was the corny Fantastic Four series. And even the aforementioned X-Men movies had some bad chapters as well, until recently. Some films weren’t completely terrible, even in the MCU, but those films left some people underwhelmed.

TheCelebrityCafé.com counts down the top 10 worst Marvel films.

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