'Once Upon a Time' top 10 favorite quotes

Once Upon a Time has many alluring qualities that transcend the traditional family prime-time demographics. It has the fairy tale characters that we’ve grown up with and are sharing with our own children. Romance and adventure with a twist of darkness, that many young adults enjoy, are essential aspects of the show. Presented in a puzzling fluctuation of past and present events that intrigue the critical thinker, it really does have something for everyone.

With season 4 just starting, it’s a good time to review some of the relationships and plot twists that have occurred throughout the previous three years via the characters’ conversations. While listening to Hook, Emma, Rumple, Regina, and Snow, you never know what to expect. Whether it’s hilarious, solemn, tear-jerking, or heart-warming, this show has a complexity of emotion and structure.

Of all the elements included in Once Upon a Time, the witty dialogue is the most entertaining. From quips to clever comebacks, and insults to memorable one-liners, the characters of this beloved fantasy world enjoy a lively discourse worthy of envy! Out of a little over three years worth of script, these are by far the top 10 favorite quotes.

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