Top 10 crappy Halloween costumes

I love Halloween. It’s a magical holiday that makes you feel like a kid again, running around the town with your bucket full of candy and that spooky energy in the air. Some of that magic is lost as we become adults, but it’s still an endlessly fun holiday, and dressing up is one of the main parts of that. This was true when we were kids, and it's still true today.
But as we all know, there’s nothing good that the Internet can’t ruin or make weird. Today we saw #CrappyHalloweenCostumes trend on Twitter thanks to @Midnight, and we got to take a look at some of the worst or just silliest Halloween costumes out there.
There are basically four types of bad Halloween costumes we saw here. There’s the ones based entirely on a pun that make you both cringe and maybe even laugh against your will. There’s the topical reference costume, serving just to reference something that’s been in the news recently like the inevitable Renee Zellweger costumes I’m sure we’ll see this year. There's the costumes that are hilarious just in how little effort they appear to have taken. Then there’s the costumes that seem to exist only to disgust and offend us, and make just about everyone who sees you out wearing it on Halloween hate you.
A combination of funny photoshopped ideas and actual costumes people really wore, let’s take a look at 10 of the funniest, weirdest, or most offensive crappy Halloween costumes as a preview of what we can probably expect this year.
[new page = Chestburster]
10. Chestburster
This pretty funny concept shows the famous chestburster scene from Alien made super cute and super creepy. I’d kind of love to see a practical version of this, though since that would involve possibly scarring your child for life and carrying him around as a prop all night, yeah, maybe don’t do that.

@CREEPS What do you think about this #CrappyHalloweenCostumes?

— claudia de vecchi (@claudiadevecchi) October 28, 2014

[new page = Ebola nurse]
9. Ebola Nurse
Sigh. Here we have a combination of both topical reference and offensive! Someone just had to do it.

Could this be described as a #CrappyHalloweenCostumes or maybe just too soon ?

— Greg Boyle (@GregBoyle121) October 28, 2014

Now of course, this is actually a hoax. Nobody would really make and sell an Ebola nurse costume, right? Let alone a sexy one?
Nope. There is actually a real one being sold.
[new page = Waist of Time]
8. Waist of Time
Getting away from the potentially offensive, this is a costume just based around the joke that “waste of time” sounds like “waist of time.” That’s literally it. I kind of love this one. My main question is do you think he already had the giant watch, or was he so committed to this joke that he went out and got one just for this costume?

I'm going as a "waist of time" #crappyhalloweencostumes @midnight

— Comedian Ryan Broems (@ryanbroems) October 28, 2014

[new page = Bad Wolverine]
7. Bad Wolverine
Maybe my favorite kind of bad Halloween costume is the one that seems to have been thought up an executed roughly five minutes before the picture was taken, and that’s definitely happening here with this awful/awesome Wolverine costume which must not have taken more than five minutes. But it’s pretty hilarious in that way, and he’s kind of nailing the Wolverine scowl.

Wolverine on a budget #crappyhalloweencostumes @midnight

— james (@Thoughtsjames) October 28, 2014

[new page = Bud Light Year]
6. Bud Light Year
What I love about this one is that it appears that a decent amount of work actually went into it. I mean look at those wings. There was a construction process involved in this, and I love the commitment to such a dumb joke. What makes it even funnier is that the guy isn’t even smiling in the picture, as if this whole Bud Light/Buzz Lightyear business is a very serious affair.

Bud Light Year. #CrappyHalloweenCostumes @midnight

— El Profe (@Galaxicanicus) October 28, 2014

[new page = Gary Glitter]
5. Gary Glitter
Going back to making you hate everything, here’s a costume of Gary Glitter, the rock star who sexually abused children. Can you imagine the kind of person who thinks up and makes a costume like this, then looks in the mirror and decides it’s appropriate for the public to see?

#CrappyHalloweenCostumes This is wrong on so many levels #garyglitter

— Kam Zubairi (@KamZubairi) October 28, 2014

[new page = Ray Rice]
4. Ray Rice
Yet another one that is both offensive and topical, making light out of a woman being domestically abused. In some way I guess Halloween is good, though, because when you see someone wearing a Ray Rice costume this Friday, you know for sure it’s time to end that relationship.

Lmaoooo what a costume ahhaha @WWESuperCardRT #CrappyHalloweenCostumes

— Makaveli (@tupachitemup) October 28, 2014

[new page = Literally Crappy]
3. Literally Crappy
I can’t imagine walking around in this costume all night, but hey, if we’re talking crappy costumes, this literal interpretation of that definitely deserves a mention. But really, you couldn't have just been a zombie or something?

Literally #CrappyHalloweenCostumes

— claire hemming (@claireHemVegas) October 28, 2014

[new page = Hashtag]
2. Hashtag
This costume is literally just a person wearing a hashtag. Who ever thought we’d be living in a world where that’s a Halloween costume? Imagine sending this person back in time to a Halloween party 10 years ago and how completely absurd it would be to have this as a costume. Okay, it’s only slightly less absurd now.

a hashtag #CrappyHalloweenCostumes @midnight

— Brain Shart (@bsMosman) October 28, 2014

[new page = French Kiss]
1. French Kiss
I like to imagine there’s a moment everyone who sees this costume in real life experiences where they look at it, it takes a few seconds to sink in, the words “french” and “kiss” enter their minds, and it suddenly hits them: they are friends with a group of people who have planned and executed a French Kiss costume. That must be an absolutely magical moment. Forget #CrappyHalloweenCostumes, this needs to be in #BrilliantHalloweenCostumes.

French Kiss #CrappyHalloweenCostumes @midnight

— Troll Cat (@2p2TrollCat) October 28, 2014

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