Lost in Space' reboot series in development

The classic sci-fi series Lost in Space is getting another reboot.

According to Deadline, the 1965 cult sci-fi series is being remade for television by Legendary TV.

The new series will be written by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless, who wrote the new film Dracula Untold, which opens in theaters today. They will also executive produce the series, notes TV Guide.

According to Deadline, the Lost in Space reboot is a passion project for Legendary, with the studio throwing around this idea for years. The project was evidently a big reason Legendary relaunched their TV division last year. The studio is mainly known for producing films, such as Dracula Untold, Godzilla and the upcoming Christopher Nolan film Interstellar.

The original Lost in Space series was about a family, the Robinsons, sent on a mission to colonize outer space but who became lost when their mission was sabotaged. It aired on CBS for three seasons from 1965 to 1968.

The show was remade as a movie in 1998 starring Gary Oldman. The film received generally negative reviews but was a moderate box office success, making $136 million on a $80 million budget. Throughout the 2000s, there were several attempts at a reboot, but this is the first major step taken towards getting it on the air.

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