Matt Turk releases 'Cold Revival'

Matt Turk is preparing to release his latest album, Cold Revival. Turk is no stranger to the music industry and is a seasoned instrumentalist and overall talented, creative musician. His lifestyle of being a peace loving realist comes across throughout Cold Revival but the message is subtle and doesn't overpower the record, which is really showing off the incredible instrumentalist that Turk has become over the years working in this industry.

Turk has built his audience by opening for major names in the industry including; The Doobie Brothers, Fiona Apple and members of the The Grateful Dead. Once placed in front of the audience, Turk impresses with his musical style and range as an instrumentalist.

This record impresses from the first opening notes on the song, "Cracked Egg." From the first few moments it is clear what fans will be experiencing during this album. The instrumentals are fast paced, catchy, and show the musical range that Turk has honed over the years.

Cold Revival has a feel of pulling from older musical influences but also combining elements of modern music that help to blend into an easy listening experience for the audience that is also complex because of the layering of instruments that help to create a unique musical sound.

The album also features a few versions of some American classics, such as "Midnight on the Water." The song is a shortened version of the classic but gives the album a classic feel with a modern twist.

Stand out tracks on the album include, "In Her Smile," "Battle Song" and "Sorrow Is Loud."

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