'24: Live Another Day' 6pm-7pm Recap

President Heller, coming off his call with Margot, has come to his decision. He's going to give himself up in order to ensure the safety of the people of London. His only problem is that no one in his administration will go along with his plan to willingly kill himself at the hands of Margot. Well, no one but Jack.

And even Jack is hesitant in helping the President out this time. These two men once considered themselves friends, and Jack will still do just about anything to help Heller. Jack tells Heller that what he's doing is the wrong choice, but he'll help him out in an effort to save the city. Before they get started, Jack tells Heller that he'll need the help of one more person. He needs someone on the inside that can provide the routes of the secret service, a helicopter on standby, and ultimately, gate codes at Wembley Stadium, Margot's desired meeting place. Heller's most trusted man: Boudreau.

Upon seeing Boudreau walk into the room, Jack is surprised. Boudreau immediately asks Jack if he can trust him. Jack's response is simple, and just: the President gave him a directive, and he's going to see it through. Boudreau respects that, and asks Jack what he needs. Jack lays it out, and then asks about Audrey. Neither of them think they should tell her, but that the President should himself. Boudreau gives Jack his window to get Heller out in the form of staff meeting.

Meanwhile, at the CIA station, Navarro is trying to make sure his cleaner got rid of Jordan, which he know he didn't. Jordan, bleeding, contacts Navarro from a pay phone. He tells Navarro exactly where he is, and in a classic mole move, Navarro hangs up with Jordan and immediately calls the world's worst hit man. While Navarro is trying to deal with Jordan, who managed the kill the cleaner, but was injured again nonetheless, Kate is making sure the doctor's are able to keep Simone alive long enough to provide some information. The doctor tells Kate that he has to induce a coma to operate. Kate isn't having any of that. She forces the doctor, at gun point, to wake up Simone so Kate can get some information. Simone tells Kate the address of her mother's house and that she won't be there. She does tell Kate about Naveed's disc drive that he hid under the floor, and that it may be able to help access Margot's systems. And...back to potential cardiac arrest for Simone. Kate sends the drive to Chloe so she can begin to work on deciphering it.

Jack sits Heller down to take out his tracker that's in his arm. Heller says that the secret service rarely ever checks the thing, but Jack doesn't want to take any chances. With the tracker out, Jack leads Heller out of the compound, only encountering one secret service agent along the way, who jack quickly knocks out. Jack and Heller exit on the street level and head toward a nearby helipad. Jack gets a call from Chloe while they're on the way. She tells him that she may be able to get into Margot's system, but she's not sure she can do it in time. Jack gets Heller into the helicopter, and they take off for Wembley.

Boudreau finds Audrey in Heller's office. She's already crying, having read Heller's note that he left for her. Boudreau doesn't show any emotion, and Audrey realizes that he knew that the President was doing what he did. Boudreau says that heller was the finest man he'd ever worked with, and it was his honor to perform this one last service, and that he'd even do it again if he was asked. Audrey is now just more upset that she didn't get a chance to say goodbye to her father.

Jack lands the chopper outside the stadium. It's almost time for the deadline to be up. Just as Heller is about to walk out onto the field, Jack gets a call from Chloe. She's partially into the drone systems, but not deep enough to shut them down remotely. Before she can even finish, Jack yells after Heller, who already started toward his demise.

Margot and Ian have a drone positioned just outside of the stadium. They zoom into the center of the stadium and see Heller via the drone's camera. After running facial recognition and confirming that it's Heller, Margot takes control of the drone from her son. The target is locked. Margot fires. The computer reads that the target is destroyed, and there's a small crater at the center of Wembley Stadium.

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