Stacy Burk releases single 'Til Your Boots Are Dirty'

Stacy Burk’s song “Til Your Boots Are Dirty” is a quintessential country song about what it means to be considered a country person. It’s about how you may look like you’re country, but it’s more about what’s on the inside.

The song is upbeat, with a guitar riff to begin the song, and the drums add a steady beat to go with the vocals. With the clear voice of a Texas native, Burk is a country star on the rise.

According to his website, Burk left a record deal when his mother was stricken ill and he has recently come back into the music scene. It took a long time for him to fulfill his dream of making it big, and through this song, it is clear he is on the road toward making his dream come true.

“Til Your Boots Are Dirty” is a fun, upbeat song about what being country is really about and it is an introduction into a new country artist that is on the rise. The video for his single even showcases some famous faces.

His website talks about how he found director Dave West in order to ask him to direct a video for the song. While creating the concept, they also thought about ways to help the video really be noticed in order to help Burk’s rise to fame.

West worked on Dancing With The Stars and he helped to bring pro dancer Maxsim Schmerkovskiy on board to star in the video as a city boy going through a transformation as a country boy.

The video has over 200,000 views and with Burk’s powerful voice, upbeat sound, and great lyrics, he is sure to continue to success he has been dreaming of for years.

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