Kate Callahan releases single 'Swing Low'

Folk singer Kate Callahan released her single “Swing Low,” which is off of her album Two Doors. Her song is very melodic and slow, showcasing her hauntingly beautiful voice as she sings the familiar verse “Swing low, sweet chariot, coming forth to carry me home.”

In the background, the guitar is a nice touch and along with the slow beat of the drums, it sets the tone for a beautiful song one could slowly bop along to. According to her website, Callahan has been named best singer-songwriter at the Connecticut Music Awards, as well as being a featured artist for the Greater Hartford Arts’ Council.

Callahan is a survivor of a traumatic brain injury and through her music it is clear she has been able to heal through her music as she plays and sings beautifully. You can feel the emotion behind the simple and beautiful way she emphasizes on the beauty of her lyrics and not just the music.

In her video upload singing this song, Callahan describes how she was inspired by the spiritual song and made her own version of the song in order to show the ways to die in passion, will, and in God.

Callahan displays a beautiful sound with her guitar and with her melodic, soft vocals, the single is a sweet and simple song that is both soothing and emotional.

Below is a live performance of “Swing Low” with Callahan and her band Echo Joy.

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