Svoy releases 'Lovedso EP'

Electronic dance music is reaching new heights everyday on a variety of charts. Gone are the days when dance tracks could only be heard in clubs, now they are crossing over into radio airplay and live streaming.

Enjoying the rise in popularity of the EDM scene is Svoy. Svoy, a New York-based one-man band originally from the east of Russia, has just released his latest EP Lovedso. As a musician, Svoy is never afraid to step outside of the box and explore areas of music that might not often be combined.

The songs that are featured on this EP are modern and show a large range of creativity when it comes to music composition and instrumental arranging. The instruments help to frame the vocals that are sampled and help to bring the entire album together.

At first listen, Lovedso might sound like a mix of instrumentals and sound slightly off, but it requires listening and breaking down the tracks to really appreciate the level of musicianship that goes into creating a multi level complex musical vibe.

Without a doubt this EP will do well in the clubs but it might take a while for this type of musical creativity to be embraced on the radio but with more and more EDM artists taking over the charts, even Avicii taking over the country charts, it is clear that anything can happen.

Lovedso tells a story with every track and helps to weave an overall picture. Stand out tracks on the EP include, "Weary," "Loved So" and "Better Than Ever Before."

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