Lawrence Blatt releases 'Emergence'

Lawrence Blatt has released his latest album Emergence. Emergence has a calming and structured sound that will pull the listening audience in from the start and capture their attention as it tells a story with each track that helps to form a larger musical picture.

Blatt is an award winning guitarist who has a strong passion for blending new age elements along with classic elements of music. Complex patterns can be heard throughout Emergence, that feel modern yet classic with a slight folk influence.

An interesting element that went into the production of this album was that Blatt recorded a very traditional guitar pattern and allowed other artists and musicians to bring their own solo instruments and add to the track. This window into such creativity and expression can be heard throughout the album and helps to build up a complex and full sound on every track.

The instruments are each given their own solo time on the tracks but when everything comes together it feels like a modern take on a very traditional music style.

Some fans might find this music to be not as as attention grabbing as music that is featured on the top 40 charts today but this type of creativity and musical progression is the root in which those top 40 songs are based.

It will be interesting to see what direction Blatt heads in next and if at any point he would be willing to blend his musical working with vocals.

"Where the Pines Once Stood," "Walking Among Tulips" and "The Place Where Monarchs Go" are stand out tracks on Emergence.

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