Cast Coverz

With the weather finally improving, more and more of us and our children will be outside enjoying the warm breeze and playing our favorite sports. Unfortunately this will also bring a few injuries and sometimes bone breakage, sprains and other minor mishaps.
CastCoverz provides a fashionable alternative to the traditional cast and crutch. The company was founded by a mom who was all too aware of the fact that children break bones and was looking for a safe and comfortable option for her daughter. We were sent some super cool styles and options!

The "Cast Coverz Armz", which retails for $17.99 keeps your cast, splint or brace clean and free from snags. It comes in an AMAZING array of colors and patterns (all children would LOVE) and provides long and short arm options in small (itty bitty) medium and large size runs. The "Bootz" provides an easy on and off option without Velcro buttons or zippers also in awesome colors and designs and are available in low and high top options. They retail for $24.99 and come with disposable booties to ward off dirt and grime as you walk. "Legz" provides a safe cast cover option (again, amazing color and design options); these really give your orthotics some style! They retail for $22.99 and come in left and right leg options as well as open and closed toe. Their "Crutch Coverz" were really cool; these crutch accessories provide a comfortable and fashion forward option for your ordinary crutch (the pad for the top makes it more comfortable as you go about your day) and the crutch bag provides a cute pouch for your on the go needs. These retail for $39.99 and come in the same array of colors and designs.

Please visit their website for all product information, patterns, buying options and additional products. Their product list will amaze you; waterproof covers which allow your injured little one to go swimming (so fantastic as there is nothing more sad then telling a child they cannot swim all summer) as well as options with cooling agents. They provide free shipping when you spend $50.00 and click on their "current promotions" tab for additional discounts. They are available Monday through Friday 9am - 5pm by phone at 1-800-CASTCOVER. Please visit them on Facebook.

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