Tan's 'A Summer to Remember' EP review

Brand new to the charts, pop singer-songwriter Tan has released his first EP titled A Summer to Remember. The EP’s four songs make for an exciting start to Tan’s career, as well as a perfect soundtrack heading into the spring and summer.

Originally from the island of Penang in Malaysia, Tan broke from tradition by pursuing a music career rather than a life of strict education. At 10 years old, he appeared as a contestant on the first season of Malaysia’s television show Astro Kid’s Talent Quest. He went on to expand his musical knowledge in high school, learning to play guitar and piano. He also gained knowledge in songwriting via online courses with the Berklee College of Music.

Tan took his greatest risk by moving all the way to the United States to attend the College of Contemporary Music, Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California. The move also boosted Tan into a community that could jumpstart his career.

A Summer to Remember was recorded in association with some big names in the business, including producer Mario Marchetti. Grammy winners Reuben Cohen of Lurssen Mastering and Evren Göknar of Capitol Records also played a hand in the EP.

Tan’s single, “Heat Wave” is the first of four songs on the EP. The song perfectly showcases his unique inflection and sound, while also making you want to roll the windows down and jam out on a hot summer drive. The upbeat tone is matched in the EP’s third song, “Perfect Try.” Things slow down a bit, for a charming serenade in “If I Could I Would.”

Arguably the best track on the EP, “Tonight” shows off a soothing blend of beat and vocals. The song also displays strong lyrics by Tan and Natania Lalwani. As the last song of the four, it takes on a slightly different sound than the preceding three. It serves as a pleasant surprise at the end of an exciting debut EP. All in all, Tan makes a strong case for the start of his pop music career.

Here is the music video for Tan’s single “Heat Wave”:

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